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Losers know how to live.

I was never the girl who took off her glasses and suddenly became hot to the entire student body. Doing so would have revealed my lazy eye.

When you spend your wonder years as a walking mushroom cut, you get a lot of time to yourself. You observe! You read! You teach your Beanie Babies y = mx + b!

You turn to invention and lean hard into the few people who do feverishly love you. What a life-giving tonic that turned out to be.

• 12+ years creative writing and video production experience • Ability to leap from satire and bad raps to profound human interest writing – only known feat of athleticism • Intense love of oversharing and beaming light wherever it’s needed • Equal opportunity buddy: First to play whiteboard hangman with custodians, tell a dad joke to a stressed-out CFO, and encourage the nervous new stripper to twerk • Proudest achievement:

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