Morgan Moran,

But above all, empath. Morgan Moran wriggled up the courage to quit her advertising job and join the funeral industry to learn more about life through death.

Morgan Moran

The importance of putting out.

No like, interjecting yourself into someone’s life. I’m all about the brave ask – inquiring about a job you know nothing about, finding a bestie on a diy flower website, importing a husband from the UK… Perhaps that’s why you are here. Surprise! We’re involved now.

Everything good and wonderful has come from a lovingly worded subject line to a perfect stranger. Get in the habit of doing this and your world will never be small.

“I am not a body snatcher.”

To a funeral home, asking after apprenticeships.

“You had me at fartnership.”

To the good people of Tushy, auditioning for freelance.

“Girl I don’t even need flowers.”

To a florist I now co-sleep with on vacation.

illustration of woman sitting with a flower in her hand

“I am single.”

To my long-time British pen pal/now husband. Subtle.

illustration of a left hand with fingers crossed

“Is it HPV?”

To my gynecol-
I’m just fucking with you now.